Productivity is at the heart of success

Explore how Mastercard could help you drive business efficiencies


We understand that times are incredibly challenging in retail in the UK and Ireland, and so your focus on improving productivity and driving efficiencies into your business will be key. 

In recognising this, Mastercard has developed tools and capabilities in a number of areas, from helping you accept more transactions to reducing basket abandonment on-line, bring our unique insights to identify areas of opportunity or concern, to bringing best-in-class test-and-learn capabilities to your business.

Helping you accept more card transactions

In this global connected world, your customers could be located at the other side of the world. Mastercard has developed and is continuing to develop a number of products to reduce card abandonment, declines and even simple keying mistakes as more and more transactions are being performed on mobile devices

If you or your PSP hold card on file details for your customers then use of our Automated Billing Updator service is key to keeping up to date card details for your UK, Irish, American and Canadian customers, with more locations participating soon. We are currently working on the next stage of product development in our drive to reduce declined transactions from cross border transactions. By collating a few more pieces of information about the transaction we believe we can help issuers approve more authorisation requests – watch this space for more information

Reduce on-line basket abandonment with Masterpass ™

Step into the future of payments with a simple, convenient, trusted digital service from Mastercard.  Your customers are shopping on mobile devices at an ever increasing rate.  Ensure they are able to pay as easily as you enable them to shop:

  1. Simplify checkout and reduce cart abandonment. Customers enjoy effortless purchases every time.
  2. Achieve easy integration within days into your current checkout with no disruption of payment processing.
  3. Customers check out on any device. Desktop, tablet and mobile.
  4. Advance fraud protection while maintaining or increasing sales with powerful risk detection tools.

Increase customer confidence and join thousands of satisfied retailers today.

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