Empower your cardholders with
Mastercard In Control®

Mastercard In Control delivers solutions for greater convenience, security and control to consumers, small businesses and corporations—allowing them to spend smarter.

Parents, employers and other customers can set parameters for when, where and how cards are used, giving them more control over their accounts and adding extra value to their relationship with their financial institution.

A scalable and customisable solution, In Control addresses cardholder security concerns while deepening relationships. It institutes innovative functionality simply and cost-effectively and is easy to implement into your banking platform.

In Control for Commercial Payments

For larger companies looking to expand their current purchasing card programmes and simplify the account payable process while reducing exposure to fraud and employee misuse.

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In Control for Business Travel  

An innovative service that enhances traditional central travel accounts by providing companies with expanded spending controls and improved data capture.

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In Control for Business

For smaller companies that want to safely delegate credit, debit or prepaid spending to employees as well as improve expense control and manage cash flow. 

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In Control for Cardholder Security

For consumers eager to protect their finances and track credit, debit or prepaid card use via real-time alerts for budgetary purposes.

By implementing In Control for Cardholder Security into the consumer offering, issuers can deliver functionality that will resonate with cardholders and provide real differentiation, realize fraud expense reduction and enhanced revenue through increased usage and sustainable card usage, institute innovative functionality simply and cost-effectively and develop a deeper relationship with cardholders.


Additional In Control solutions

  • In Control for Spend Management offers innovative solutions that help families manage their household spending.
  • In Control for E-Commerce meets consumer demand for online spending control and security by generating unique, limited-use virtual card numbers for added security.
  • In Control for Fraud Protection allows issuers to geographically limit acceptance of cards selectively at the account level and to send cardholders alerts when transactions occur outside of approved parameters.