Public Sector Cards

Mastercard® Prepaid Government Benefits Card

Access the latest informational material across some of the Governments' key segments: Benefit Disbursement and Emergency Assistance.

These documents illustrate the adaptability of each programme for Government entities and prospective partners.

They will also help current partners, issuers and third party providers to define their best-in-class offer whilst keeping up-to-date on current, latest and future Prepaid applications.

For further information please contact a Mastercard representative. Assets are also available to download on this page.

Government Guidance Resource

A better way to pay and to be paid

Since 2011, Mastercard has sponsored multiple initiatives including Steering Groups, workshops and roundtables bringing together councils using and looking to use prepaid cards, together with programme managers who provide the supporting services.

Mastercard’s vision is to understand local government needs to drive new prepaid products and services, so local government is enabled to improve both internal processes and external client support. From these initiatives Mastercard has developed a Guidance Document defined by the Steering Group, showing local government the opportunities and benefits of prepaid cards.