Mastercard Business Prepaid Solutions

Prepaid card solutions designed for business and the public sector

Companies are changing the way they do business. They want to eliminate cumbersome processes and overhead while increasing convenience, flexibility and security - and profitability. Mastercard Business Prepaid Solutions are a natural fit for companies of all sizes seeking to improve profitability by streamlining payment processes and helping to reduce costs. 

From SMEs to large corporations and public sector companies, there's a Mastercard Prepaid solution designed to meet your payment needs quickly and efficiently.
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Why Prepaid?

For those wishing to start a business in or distribute prepaid cards, Mastercard has developed a number of prepaid programmes to help you gain access to the prepaid market. Many of these programmes offer 'ready-made' solutions for streamlined market entry, as well as the opportunity to customise solutions to meet particular business needs.

The partnership needed to grow your business

Mastercard has a range of Prepaid solutions designed to meet Consumer, Business and Government needs in a rapidly growing market.

Prepaid cards can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example:

• Everyday Money: for everyday use by anyone 
• Business Expense or Travel: for staff who incur work-related expenses at home or abroad 
• Consumer Travel: For foreign currency anywhere in the world 
• Payroll: To pay wages and salaries 
• Employee Incentives: To reward or incentivise staff 
• Plus numerous other solutions: for young people, students, those budgeting and those without bank accounts - and for paying out insurance claims.

The material available here shows how Prepaid delivers the innovative payment solutions that drive growth across each market segment.

No matter what challenges you face, Mastercard can work with you to design and implement a prepaid solution that may improve the way you do business. Mastercard provides the products, technology, insight, and global infrastructure needed to help get your programme up and running smoothly and successfully.

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