Mastercard In Control® for Business Travel

An innovative service that enhances traditional central travel accounts with more spend controls, payment security and better data across more purchasing types

Manage your travel spend 100% of the time

  1. Access virtual account numbers (VANs) for travel-related payments from the reservation workflow
  2. Configure transaction-level spending controls for each purchase type and individual payment
  3. Get more detailed data for managing travel supplier programmes 
  4. Capture enhanced customer data and detailed transaction data during booking to ease internal reconciliation  and reporting, policy management and supplier negotiations


  1. VANs improve reconciliation – generate a single use account per booking
  2. Control – leverage In Control for Business Travel to set up authorisation processing parameters
  3. Flexibility – enable the capture of more categories of TMC spend e.g. hotels, low cost airline, rail etc
  4. Visibility – enhanced data is captured upfront with every single use account request
  5. Smart Integration – enables TMCs to integrate the VAN with their own processes

Improve expense processing and accounting

Leverage expanded functionality for all central travel bookings with total flexibility for all payment categories — air, hotel, car rental/service, rail and travel manager service fees.

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