Mastercard® Central Travel Solution (CTS)

A convenient solution that consolidates travel payments on a centralised account held by the Travel Management Company and provides enhanced data to drive compliance and control over travel budgets

Centralise travel payments and gain easy access to travel data

Gain more visibility over travel spend with a consolidated payment solution that delivers powerful enhanced data.

Drive compliance and improve utilisation of preferred suppliers by directing your employees to book travel through your trusted Travel Management Company (TMC).

Improve cash flow management by eliminating cash advances and consolidating travel payments on a single monthly statement settled directly with the issuer.

Increase employee satisfaction and save time by eliminating employee reimbursements and cash advances.

How it works

How does Mastercard CTS work?

  1. Employees book travel through your TMC as normal. The trusted TMC will use the centralised account held for payment or reservation.
  2. The TMC sends the booking data associated with the Central Travel Account transaction to the Mastercard Global Data Repository.
  3. When payment takes place, the financial information for each booked transaction is consolidated by the issuer and sent to the Mastercard Global Data Repository for matching and reconciliation with the booking data sent by the TMC.
  4. The transaction files are then delivered to the relevant expense reporting, general ledger or ERP tool. The issuer delivers the statement information for settlement by your company.