Mastercard In Control® for Commercial Payments

Improve control, compliance and security

Randomly generated, unique virtual account numbers and transaction-level authorisation controls enable you to define how, where and when employee accounts are used.

Simplify reconciliation and reporting

Important data captured from each individual payment along with associating a unique account number to a specific payment improves reconciliation and data analysis.

Increase accounts payable efficiency

Integrated workflow control follows your existing transaction approval processes.

Optimise cash flow and revenues from programme incentives

Extend your payment terms without impacting your supplier relationships and drive the penetration of your card programme into higher value B2B purchases. 

Meet your needs 

The web-based application enables authorised users to securely generate virtual accounts for purchase requests without requiring integration with your systems.

Users can also request virtual accounts for each invoice payment through a batched file from your financial systems. 

Full integration makes it possible for you to connect your financial systems directly to support high volumes of regular payments or fragmented payee bases.